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Disproving The 4 Myths About Parental Alienation

What is a myth? The dictionary defines the word as a false idea or belief widely held by a large number of people. According to A.J. Marsden, Ph.D., and William Nesbitt, Ph.D., “The word myth comes from mythos, which means “story.” However, “story” doesn’t necessarily mean made up or fictitious.” Simply put, it’s a wrong concept held as facts by many. In this light, this article aims to educate by disproving the four common myths most people believe about parental alienation.

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Surviving Abduction, Parental Alienation, And Emotional Abuse


Natascha Kampusch’s Story

Here is another story of one abduction and an emotional abuse victim who, until now, is surviving and trying to get through the hurdles her experience is causing her through the help of counseling. While happy-ever-afters aren’t possible in real life, this is a story of hope and survival and a spirit who refuses to be defeated by a nightmare.


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5 Ways To Overcome Parental Alienation According To A Psychologist

Parental alienation is the process of turning a child against a parent through manipulation. Rightfully, psychologists are calling it “divorce poison.” It can potentially cause long-term effects on the child, the rejected family member, and their relationship with one another. It can cause the two to be estranged and put them at risk of developing Read more about 5 Ways To Overcome Parental Alienation According To A Psychologist[…]

Children’s Mental Health Struggle From Parental Alienation

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Being a mother to my three kids, I always knew that life would become so hard from the moment I got divorced. I can’t measure how unlucky I felt my marriage was. My husband cheated with another girl, and our relationship is all about lies, arguments, and betrayal. However, the things that kept me looking forward are my boys. I love them so much that I don’t want them to suffer. As much as possible, I tried to secure their emotional and mental health regardless of our failed relationship. But with all the effort of keeping them away from emotional and psychological damage, I made a mistake. […]

How Parental Alienation Impacts A Parent’s Mental Health

  Source: pixabay.com The focus of this article is the alienated or the targeted parent. Before further discussion, let us first define parental alienation. It is a term used to refer to a method or process of undermining the other parent by programming a child to hate the other parent. The primary goal of the Read more about How Parental Alienation Impacts A Parent’s Mental Health[…]

Rebuilding Your Family Through Therapy

Source: unsplash.com Psychologists attribute a person’s behaviors and attitudes to how they are brought up. People who have psychological problems tend to manifest because of childhood trauma such as parentectomy or parental alienation. Thus, building and establishing a healthy family starts with a firm decision to improve. One of the keys to rebuilding family connections Read more about Rebuilding Your Family Through Therapy[…]

Parental Alienation – Finding Proofs

A strong family relationship requires a lot of effort. It doesn’t happen overnight. So when a family relationship crashes, members can expect an emotional resentment and harsh feelings that will soon lead to parental alienation. It is where one parent engages in the manipulation of children’s emotional aspect. According to John M. Grohol, PsyD, “Parental Read more about Parental Alienation – Finding Proofs[…]

5 Warning Signs Of Parental Alienation

   What Is Parental Alienation?   Source: stadtlandmama.de Parental alienation is an intentional attempt of a parent to pull his/her children from the other parent, with the goal of destroying the other parent’s relationship with the children. According to John M Grohol, PsyD, “Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, Read more about 5 Warning Signs Of Parental Alienation[…]