Federal Judge Finds NJ Family Court Gag Order Violates First Amendment – Bergen Dispatch

Federal Judge Finds NJ Family Court Gag Order Violates First Amendment – Bergen Dispatch.

The Exclusion Demand Symptom

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Dr. Craig Childress tells it like it is. I would like to invite him to my daughter’s piano teacher’s recital.

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It is beyond my comprehension how so many mental health professionals can entirely miss the extreme psychopathology involved in attachment-based “parental alienation.”  I am truly stunned.

Let me describe just one example, the “exclusion demand” symptom made by children, in which the child demands that the targeted parent no long attends the child’s events.

The Exclusion Demand:

Child: “I don’t want you to come to my baseball games (school open house, dance recital, school awards ceremony, etc.). I get too anxious.”

This “exclusion demand” by the child is often followed with a statement that the child wants the targeted parent to show “respect” for the child’s feelings and “boundaries.”

The “exclusion demand” is among the more common symptoms of pathology displayed by the child in attachment-based “parental alienation.”

Extremely Severe Psychopathology

The “exclusion demand” is a symptom of extreme psychopathology. It floors me how mental health professionals can act…

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Court Consideration of Adolescent Wishes

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The harm has already been done to my family, but maybe this article by Dr. Craig Childress will help others. Thank you, Dr. Childress.

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I was recently asked a question by a targeted parent about the practice in some Courts of considering the wishes of an adolescent in custody placement decisions, and I’d like to share my response.

While I will explain my response in a lengthy post, it’s actually quite simple: 

At no time should the Court ever consider the wishes expressed by the child whenever there is spousal-parental conflict.

Pretty simple.  Now let me explain why.  There are two primary reasons.

First, the authenticity of the child’s expressed wishes may likely have been compromised by a “role-reversal” relationship with the allied and supposedly favored parent (who is likely seeking the admission of the child’s wishes for Court consideration).

Second, whenever there is spousal conflict, seeking the child’s input essentially triangulates the childinto the spousal-parental conflict.  This is EXACTLY the WRONG thing to do.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.  Extremely destructive.  It not only…

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Targeted/Rejected Parents Speak Out

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” I feel despair, and a little horror. It bothers me that the country I live in is a place where something like this could happen”

” I am just a simple man. It is hard to stay ahead of the life altering lies spewing from them.”

” Losing my only son has been almost more than I can bear.”

“All three psychologist evaluations found Parental Alienation, even my ex’s “hired gun”.   The Court promised to address it, but in the end, the court just allowed Many people to get rich, and the Court did the opposite of what was promised.   I am devastated, heart-broken and worry for my child all the time.”

“Today is Lorna’s 15th birthday. Sent her a message at midnight wishing her a happy birthday. My millennium child- only child. I love & miss her, but not her actions toward me. It sucks to…

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Why it takes time to speak up; Daughter reports Dad after 30 years

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‘My dad raped me because he couldn’t afford a prostitute': Sexually abused as a teenager, how one brave woman finally got her father jailed 30 years on

  • Sylvia Prescott, of Sunderland, was tormented by her father Oliver Garside 
  • When she was a teen, he would drag her around the house by her hair
  • Abuse then became sexual 
  • She was too afraid to tell anyone what was happening
  • Didn’t have courage to reveal her ordeal until decades later
  • Father has now been jailed for the abuse
  • His defence in court was he raped her as he ‘couldn’t afford a prostitute‘ 
  • Sylvia, now a married mother-of-three, wishes she had spoken out earlier 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2903329/My-dad-raped-couldn-t-afford-prostitute-Sexually-abused-teenager-one-brave-woman-finally-got-father-jailed-30-years-on.html#ixzz3OYNKDP9V
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Writing a New Story for Us

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Victims of Parental Alienation: You are invited to join me in 2015 for a story that will last longer.

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I couldn’t stop time, while my child grew up without me, without the hugs I wanted to give her, the guidance, the girl time, the laughter, people and places I wanted to share with her…

I could write a story where she is in my life growing up. A story where there is peace. I could do that — and leave out the truth: the hate and fear inserted into our relationship with Parental Alienation a.k.a. Domestic Violence by Proxy.

I have come a long way in surviving the horror of having my beloved daughter cut out of my life, filled with hate — me, filled with confusion, then helpless after learning some things about Parental Alienation — more than the “experts” involved cared to know. I wanted to protect her from the hate and lies and games. A game we were both pulled into by someone who was also victimized by Parental Alienation…

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A Message from Your Estranged Child

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Featured Image -- 3013Please pray for this adult child overcoming Parental Alienation & sharing her story of how her dad cut her mom out of her life. I can understand the difficulty of reconciliation as I have often wanted to die, disappear, forget, be indifferent — & at times, I have struggled with resentment, unforgiveness, and worse while dealing with extreme hostile aggressive parenting from my child’s father. After being cut off from a sacred mother-daughter relationship and the trauma that involves, it’s hard to open up to the possibility of reconciliation, especially in an ignorant and judgmental culture that blames women and blames the victim.

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I am three years old.  You are no longer in our home and my world is shattered. I saw Daddy’s anger toward you and I will be careful not to make him angry at me too.

I am four years old and my visits with you are dwindling. Please do not give up your rights. Take what action you can, whatever action is right and necessary. Find those who can help you. Find those who will hold you up, because my world depends upon you not giving up. Do not believe Daddy when he says I am better off without you. I need you to know that is a lie.

I am five years old and you dare to show up on my birthday, to deliver a gift. I want you to know that I am so glad you are there, but I am afraid to say so. I…

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