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Rebuilding Your Family Through Therapy

Source: unsplash.com Psychologists attribute a person’s behaviors and attitudes to how they are brought up. People who have psychological problems tend to manifest because of childhood trauma such as parentectomy or parental alienation. Thus, building and establishing a healthy family starts with a firm decision to improve. One of the keys to rebuilding family connections Read more about Rebuilding Your Family Through Therapy[…]

Parental Alienation – Finding Proofs

A strong family relationship requires a lot of effort. It doesn’t happen overnight. So when a family relationship crashes, members can expect an emotional resentment and harsh feelings that will soon lead to parental alienation. It is where one parent engages in the manipulation of children’s emotional aspect. It is a tactic to convince kids Read more about Parental Alienation – Finding Proofs[…]

5 Warning Signs Of Parental Alienation

   What Is Parental Alienation?   Source: stadtlandmama.de Parental alienation is an intentional attempt of a parent to pull his/her children from the other parent, with the goal of destroying the other parent’s relationship with the children. This attempt is usually done for several reasons, one of which is to punish the other parent because Read more about 5 Warning Signs Of Parental Alienation[…]

Mental Health And New Mothers

Are you aware that the number of women who have reported signs and symptoms of post-partum depression has increased over the years? It means that many new mothers are experiencing some serious mental health problems. Because of this, it is essential to spread awareness on how women can overcome postpartum depression. In this article, we are going to tackle the effective methods on how a new mom like you can accomplish the said goal.

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3 Ways To Promote Parental Alienation

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Upon deciding to start a family and get married, divorce is the last concept couples entertain in their thoughts. Frequently, couples are concern about the wedding and preparing for their future. However, whether people like it or not, divorce is a fact of life, and the incidence of divorce is quite common. It is normal to feel guilt, anger, and bitterness towards your spouse and life in general when undergoing a divorce process to the point of extracting or alienating the other parent from the child.


Effects of Parentectomy To Children

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Divorce is frequently considered a significant life event. Statistics show that 40 to 50 percent of first marriages end up in divorce while succeeding unions have even higher chances of separation. It can affect not only the couples but most especially the children. Many children are deeply affected by the separation of their parents and its aftermath which can lead to different mental illnesses and suicidal tendencies individually if the divorce and custody were viewed as battles with winners and losers. Also, the effects of the divorce might be colossal if one or both parents are bitter and decides that removing the other parent from the child as a form of punishment.


How Parents Plan To Impose Parentectomy


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The divorce affects not only the spouses but the children as well. More than anyone, it is the child who is significantly influenced by the situation most especially if they are in their formative years. More than the change of family dynamics, shattered expectations of a family and disruption of routines, it is the removal of a parent or significant family member in the child’s life due to divorce or legal separation.


What Parentectomy Can Do To A Family

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Intentionally removing another parent in the child’s life is said to be one of the most unfortunate incidents in a child’s life. By nature, children look up to both of their parents for support financially, emotionally and physically and diminution of the presence of one parent can cripple the growth of the child and at the same time can lead to mental health problems. The removal of a parent in his/her child’s life is termed as parentectomy. It usually happens after a divorce or legal separation.  There are varied reasons for parentectomy but it is generally done by the primary caregiver parent or someone who has full custody of the child.


Damaging Effects Of Parental Alienation On Children

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Separation – one of the leading causes of parental alienation. The separation can manifest physically or emotionally.


When there is parental alienation, it’s not the parents who suffer the most but the kids. Majority of the children who are part of a broken family would still hope that their parents would get along in the long run. But it turns out it’s not as easy as they thought it would be. The worst part is, one of their parents is compelled to alienate the other in the eyes of their children.