Adventures, Wrong turns and finding our way

Source: Adventures, Wrong turns and finding our way

Dare I share this with my almost 19 year old daughter? Everything I do or don’t do seems to make her mad — blame for no contact, for contact, for saying this, for not saying this. I think this blog post is excellent, loving, and encouraging wisdom for any child.

Help for my broken heart & yours? Keep reading.

My severely alienated daughter and I were on our way toward healing a relationship broken by psychological games, lies, and brainwashing because truth had knocked her up against a wall and opened her eyes — a little.

Apparently, my ex found out because now the his efforts at manipulations and psychological control have amplified. My mom has no hope of her brainwashing to end. Her mind and heart are closed. My mom said her personality is back to what it was — she’s “not her”; my daughter has become “very cool” toward her grandmother, sharing planted memories.

How I hope my daughter wakes up to these planted memories and what’s happening. One parent said alienated kids are in a “fog.”  Fog is right — the confusion and the drugs together play into the alienated parent’s ploy to destroy.

My new husband — a loving, caring man — came home to my despair. I didn’t want to eat supper. He asked what he could do. There’s nothing except to continue hugging me and letting me cry on his shoulder.

Or … is … there?

He is always telling me how sweet, loving, and caring I am. He loves me so much.

I wish I had had friends to write such letters or notes to my daughter, or speak these words when the custody battle began. Her dad has controlled the narrative. He has put us all on the defense.

My daughter only hears how worthless I am. She has been getting these messages in one form or another since even during my “marriage” to her dad — a dad who uses and exploits her.

I suggested my husband write a letter to my kids about why he loves me and why he wanted to marry me and how his parents feel toward me.

Even a child who hates her mother can benefit from hearing something positive about her mother. In fact, it is essential to her feelings about herself. She also needs to see how a man should regard his wife and fellow human beings. What a contrast with the hate she’s being indoctrinated in.

Whatever happens, such a letter is a gift to any child — ESPECIALLY an alienated one.

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Torn 2 Peaces:

File a RICO lawsuit against family court/psychologists corruption.

Originally posted on Dr Craig Childress: Attachment-Based "Parental Alienation":

I am currently indirectly consulting with four cases in a single state, in a single geographic region of that state, involving the pathology of attachment-based “parental alienation.”

This got me thinking, is there some sort of joint legal action these four families could take because of the systemic failure of the mental health system to respond appropriately to the pathology (i.e., attachment trauma reenactment pathology mediated by the narcissistic/borderline personality traits of the parent) by failing to provide an accurate DSM-5 diagnosis of V995.51 Child Psychological Abuse, Confirmed regarding the evident pathology within the family?

I immediately thought of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law.

I am not an attorney, I am a psychologist. But from where I sit as a psychologist, the mental health professionals surrounding the legal system appear to be completely failing in their duty to protect the child in that they are refusing to…

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Torn 2 Peaces:

Be sure to follow and share a copy of this upcoming memoir:

Originally posted on Mother Erased: a memoir:

I have decided not to post the continuation of my story/memoir on this blog.  I am saving the rest of the story for the book, and am nearing the end of the first draft.  I will be working on this diligently but will still post here from time to time, including updates of how the memoir is coming along. Completing it is my top priority right now.  I am writing my story for myself, my mother, and all of  you parents who are alienated from your children. But most of all, I write it as a voice for the children who do not have the words or the clarity to name or understand the psychological abuse that is “parent alienation”.

Please feel free to leave comments, stories, and questions.  I will be reading them.

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Mother with Tattoo Can Now Breastfeed – Appeals Court, “Judges must not mistake their own views for being facts”

Mother with Tattoo Can Now Breastfeed – Appeals Court, “Judges must not mistake their own views for being facts”.

Focusing on Love, Not Fear

The other night I dreamt my ex had talked my 18 year old into moving with him to a remote area of the country to go to college. I was upset because, in my dream, I believed she would be under his spell, as kids of all ages do when a parent is a master con artist, and the rest of her family, me, especially, would once again be cut off from her psychologically, emotionally, etc., and never hear from her again.

I dreamed he had decided to do this because he learned I was trying to move — not back where ex lives, but closer to my child. She is now just a few minutes from him, but many many miles from me. It’s complicated, but this would not be good for my formerly alienated child or me (you may have to go way back into this blog to understand — some of us know that their mere proximity to our child induces and instigates sick games and the intense and constant involvement of our child into the abuse alienating parent’s manipulations and orchestrations designed to destroy a sacred bond. I know of many other moms this is happening to and I am sure anyone with an obsessively hateful ex might know what I’m talking about where others have advice for something they know nothing about….).

I am hoping hoping hoping she will actually follow through and visit me soon. I got to see her for the first time in a couple of years once she escaped from under the roof (literally) of her mental captor.

It has been tough, good, confusing, exhausting and …. scary.

But I can’t be scared. Neither to I have to put on false bravado.

I must focus on love and peace.

Yes, it is healthy to express anger — one must tell the truth about the injustice of maternal deprivation & parental alienation.

I will be ending this blog soon, but I still share news stories on various media outlet about this issue. I will bear witness to this horror so other can be validated, open, and find relief and reconciliation.

I’ve had to reconcile with myself. I’ve had to make peace with my ignorance about Parental Alienation. I’ve had to make peace with the system I trusted that allowed my daughter, me, and my family to suffer trauma and threats. I’m making peace in my heart toward the friends and community members who judged me and did not reach out to help my daughter and me. It’s happening — the peace I thought could never come. The hope that allowed me back into my daughter’s life.  The education on Parental Alienation that guided me a little too late, but better than never. The system never helped me. The system made things worse. The stories helped.

The brave witnesses who stepped up and spoke out and documented the truth of this abuse helped. amen

Please tell your story in as much detail as possible. Share your love and pain and truth. Share other’s stories. Our voices are important. Our voices will help free the voices of the kids and other parents suffering. That has been the purpose and mission of this blog. I would have liked to have had more voices validating this reality. Others need to know maternal deprivation with parental alienation is a tactic, not necessarily evidence of a bad parent. I appreciate all the fathers who supported this truth. My heart goes out to all parents who are in this hell.

Thank you for your support. This has been a heavy burden that has affected my health. Now it’s time to focus on extreme wellness, love, peace and reunification.

PIX11 Investigates: Calls resound to reform ‘fraud’ NJ family court

Torn 2 Peaces:

RICO lawsuit against Gov. Chris Christie and the State of New Jersey

Originally posted on New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV:

[ooyala code=”psMm1xdTpSe2ZeDlpsR9N0Y11vtKrFXy” player_id=”9ae34776f76145da969becdeb205e6a5″]

NEW JERSEY — Half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, but some experts say getting through the family court system can be like going through purgatory. They describe the process as fraudulent, corrupt, and sometimes deadly. And the case of the Seidle family, which dozens of witnesses watched play out on a New Jersey street this week, may have stemmed from the painful process of tearing families apart.

Neptune Police Sgt. Phillip Seidle is accused of running his ex-wife Tammy off the road and shooting her at point-blank range with his service revolver in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The entire incident played out in front of the couple’s 7-year-old daughter, one of nine children they shared.

Just last month, the Seidles ended a messy divorce after a long custody battle. In the original court filings, obtained by PIX11 News, Tammy claims her husband “held a loaded…

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