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How You Alienate Without Even Knowing It 

Something that needs to be made clear is that it’s easy to understand the tendency of a parent to alienate their ex-partner. There manifests a need to validate one’s past choices, a need to have an ally, and especially a need to take solace in knowing that the child doesn’t take anything against the parent they live with. 


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Can Children Really Unlove Their Parents? The Surprising Truth On Parental Alienation

Broken marriages and conflict-ridden families are sad realities of our world today. While everyone is affected, the most challenging blow of pain is always received by the children.  

The heart-pounding reality is when once happy and beautiful marriages break apart in divorce, parents, who were just moms and dads before, start playing different roles in the life of their children. According to William Bernet, M.D. and co-authors, “We define parental alienation as a mental condition in which a child—usually one whose parents are engaged in a high-conflict divorce—allies himself or herself strongly with one parent (the preferred parent) and rejects a relationship with the other parent (the alienated parent) without legitimate justification.”


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Raising Kids When Your Partner Has Experienced Parental Alienation 

Ideally, parents and children have a bond that is incomparable to any other relationship. As it starts with the birth of the child, a healthy relationship grows over time. However, such is not the case for many. Unfortunately, there are many cases of abusive or negligent parents, and now, a relatively new term has made waves in many child custody cases. 


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Psychiatry Identification Of Parent Alienators

  When one parent exerts effort in alienating the other, it can be due to a lot of different reasons that are usually concerning both parties. So how does one know if he or she is gradually being alienated out of his or her children’s lives?     The Messy Truth   Parental alienation occurs Read more about Psychiatry Identification Of Parent Alienators[…]

Facts On Parental Alienation Counseling

       Parental alienation is a severe act committed by one parent to another while their children are caught in between. The moment one parent commits alienation, it can be challenging to reverse primarily because the act of severing marriage ties in a despicable manner and including the kids in the process is tantamount Read more about Facts On Parental Alienation Counseling[…]

Brainwashing Children In Fighting For Custody

Why should a child be caught between warring parents?   Why is his innocent mind to suffer the consequences of immature actions and decisions of adults?


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It is a heartbreaking scene to see a child coming in front of a judge inside a courtroom, having to choose between his two beloved parents.  It’s damaging enough that the two adults are not getting along well, and these adults make things more detrimental to the poor child making him lose one of his parents.  



Reclaim Your Place In Your Child’s Life: Fight Parental Alienation [Five Simple Ways To Be The Parent Your Child Would Love To Call His Parent]

    Some parents have to deal with a difficult decision in their lives. They have to leave their children to the other parent or other relatives. It can to divorce, financial reasons where a parent has to work someplace else, or some personal reason.   The absence of a parent can make the child’s Read more about Reclaim Your Place In Your Child’s Life: Fight Parental Alienation [Five Simple Ways To Be The Parent Your Child Would Love To Call His Parent][…]

Addressing The Effects Of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a looming concern not only for families separated because of having divorced parents. It can also occur in families that are still intact. It usually entails one parent suffering from psychological issues that are passed on to the child. It is sinister because one has to take a closer look at the child to recognize its symptoms.


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A Confession Of A Parental Alienator

    I was on the verge of separation from my ex-husband when I tried convincing my child to choose me over his dad. It was a toxic situation where I forced my kid to make some automatic adjustments. The process involves a complex mental manipulation that destroyed my son’s emotional well-being. He was unaware Read more about A Confession Of A Parental Alienator[…]