How To Minimize Eco Footprint According To 2015 Cambridge Parenting Workshop

According to the speakers from the 2015 Cambridge Parenting Workshop, your duties as a mom does not merely end or begin with feeding or clothing your children. When you buy an anti-mosquito spray, for instance, you have to check whether the percentage of the active ingredient is within the allowed limit.  You also need to make sure that the toys, eating utensils, and other items they use won’t be harmful to them. Furthermore, it matters for you to learn how to minimize the family’s carbon footprint to let your kids live in a non-polluted future.

Obtain Recyclable Products As Much As Possible

The primary objective when you want to protect Mother Nature is to concentrate on using stuff that can get recycled. If you are buying milk, for instance, opt for one that’s in a glass container instead of a carton. Once the beverage runs out, you can still turn the vessel into a water pitcher, a candle holder, or a vase. Similarly, it is better to purchase fresh fruits and veggies whose peelings can go to a compost pit instead of pre-cut and packaged ones since the latter typically come in cling wraps or styrofoam.



Reduce Your Use Of Plastics

Plastic is one of the leading non-biodegradable items that litter the earth and bodies of water today. Many animals have reportedly died with this kind of garbage found inside their stomach. Aside from that, products made out of this material are honestly not useful for decades; that’s why companies need to manufacturer tons of them almost daily, further increasing the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If you don’t want to contribute to the problem, therefore, you should forgo plastic utensils, straws, or even toys.

Grow Food Sources At Home

Lastly, remember that driving to the grocery store to buy some vegetables and other naturally grown ingredients for your meal is not eco-friendly. You are burning fossil fuel by doing so – a source of energy that is not renewable like sunlight or water. The smoke that the car emits can damage the ozone layer as well. Hence, you should learn to grow herbs and various edible plants at home now so that you can prevent both things from happening.



Now you know how to lower your family’s ecological footprint. Good luck!