What Parentectomy Can Do To A Family

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Intentionally removing another parent in the child’s life is said to be one of the most unfortunate incidents in a child’s life. By nature, children look up to both of their parents for support financially, emotionally and physically and diminution of the presence of one parent can cripple the growth of the child and at the same time can lead to mental health problems. The removal of a parent in his/her child’s life is termed as parentectomy. It usually happens after a divorce or legal separation.  There are varied reasons for parentectomy but it is generally done by the primary caregiver parent or someone who has full custody of the child.


Damaging Effects Of Parental Alienation On Children

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Separation – one of the leading causes of parental alienation. The separation can manifest physically or emotionally.


When there is parental alienation, it’s not the parents who suffer the most but the kids. Majority of the children who are part of a broken family would still hope that their parents would get along in the long run. But it turns out it’s not as easy as they thought it would be. The worst part is, one of their parents is compelled to alienate the other in the eyes of their children.


How To Prevent Social Media From Ruining Your Relationships

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According to numerous marriages, relationship counselors and sex therapists, sessions nowadays are filled with instances when social media hampers with the clients’ relationships. Examples of this interference with relationships: sharing social media passwords, checking personal messages from these accounts, searching past relationships through social media, being friends with exes in social media platform, etc. and obsessively thinking about suspicious but not incriminating activities of your partner. Experts share that the world’s social media market saturation is at its all-time high at any other era in the human history. It can be categorized as an uncharted territory which is bound to bring up new challenges for the people.