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Please pray for all moms & their kids who are missing out on birthdays — on each other’s life. Share the truth: Many loving moms are also missing their kids who are taught to devalue them because of an abusive ex-husband’s desire for control & possession.

Originally posted on FAMILY COURT VICTIM:

Today is the best and yet also the saddest day of my life. It is my daughter’s birthday. The best day because my only child, my beautiful daughter, was born today. The saddest day because I do not get to spend her birthday with her again. I avoid her Facebook page because it hurts me to see that she has spent her birthday weekend with a father who was never there for her in the past and a brand new step-family instead of me – the mother who raised her alone since birth for the first 11 years of her life. I sent her numerous messages via ooVoo and Facebook over the weekend but no response. I tried calling her today and also sending more messages and texts but still no response. I still cannot believe that it has now been almost 18 months since my beautiful daughter was kidnapped out of school by her father…

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About Torn 2 Peaceshttp://Torn2Peaces.comMay youth & the world know truth -- a truth many moms & dads share: the desire that our child(ren) freely love & be in a healthy relationship with BOTH parents & grandparents.

One thought on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. I’m sorry you have to go through this.
    I too have been excluded. Excluded from my 17 year old daughter’s birthday last month, and expect to be excluded from my 15 year old’s this month.
    I’m sad to say, I’m hardened to it by now… having missed the last three of my eldest’s, but this will be the first of my youngest’s I will miss.
    Hey, sure, I MIGHT see her, but since she ‘broke up’ with me last October 6, and I haven’t seen her since, I don’t expect to.
    I’ve learned how to not hold my breath. I’ve learned how to keep my hopes low. I’ve learned how to protect myself a little bit better from the disorienting grief on the days that celebrate my becoming a mother and repeating the miracle. I’ve learned how to not make it about me… even though without me there would be no them. I’ve learned now to bump into fewer walls. I’ve learned that not many can understand this kind of child abuse. I’ve learned about a kind of abuse that thrives right out in the open.


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