Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome- All grown up, but what now?

Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome- All grown up, but what now?.


I know adult daughters who emotionally & verbally abuse their moms because of the disrespect expressed and the abuse modeled by their fathers.  I hope they will rise above it before it’s too late.  It affects & hurts the whole family.

About Torn 2 Peaceshttp://Torn2Peaces.comMay youth & the world know truth -- a truth many moms & dads share: the desire that our child(ren) freely love & be in a healthy relationship with BOTH parents & grandparents.

3 thoughts on “Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome- All grown up, but what now?

  1. This is a call to arms, a battle cry, that we as women will not tolerate our government taking away our children. This is war and should be treated as such. We can blog until our fingertips bleed, but we must dig down deep and find one more ounce of energy to fight our government for this corrupt action of denying us a relationship with our children.

    Otherwise, we are just baby making machines with no rights to our children. Please join me and many other women’s groups around the country in May to march on the capital to make a statement, to show our sorrow and mourning, and to demand that this stops.

    We must stop hiding behind our computers and get in their faces. This is WAR, they have taken our children, what could be worse. Go to to find out about the 3 day march on Mother’s Day Weekend. If you scroll down the blog it will show you what is being done in our government, with the attorney general and what we are doing in Washington. If this takes every penny you have to get there and you have to sleep in your car to save your child’s life isn’t it worth it.
    Or are we going to continue to hear more and more stories of children destroyed by bad divorce court decisions. How may more children must lose loving mothers?


  2. My heart aches over the two daughters that slipped through “family court cracks” Spending thousands and still no relationship with daughters. The injustice and the crime for dad to hide daughters and keep them away from me. I cry everyday but no-one sees my tears. Will this pain ever end ? They are 25 and 19 years old. God, please let them know I’m here and I wish I was in their life. God, please make a way for me. Please find a way into Katie’s heart. Watch over my girls for me like you have been doing. This isn’t fair. Being kept away for no reason. When will the pain end ? If anyone reads this and can relate: please email me. I need support. God bless you –

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