In My Dreams, I Can Go Back in Time!

Last nite, my dream contained images of my Facebook friends.  Some were those I’ve known since I was younger than 12, some I’ve known for little more than a decade.

Only these Facebook friends weren’t just images in my dream.  They were living in the world — but it was the past.  I was there, too. time-travel-machine (I know the Bible advises us not look ahead, not back, but I find myself doing this time to time.) I was watching & trying to figure out how to change my life — these old acquaintances & friends were doing what they were doing, but what should I do this time around?  What could I do to change my painful present so that my family, especially my alienated child, would be protected & safe?

(Maybe God wants us all to participate in protecting all God’s children in truth with love — can we do that if we’re blind and judging?Please don’t lecture me that God IS going to protect.  God IS GOOD, but sometimes protection happens, sometimes it doesn’t — not in this life, anyway.  Have you read the news, your history book, the entire Bible? I believe God works through us.  Have you looked outside your bubble — without judging?  Please open your eyes, your mind & heart!)

Isn’t that what time travel is all about?  We zoom to the future to see how we can go back & prevent a disaster.

Parental alienation IS A DISASTER. And here I find myself.  I can’t go back in time & fix it. We alienated parents are presently needing your help.

It doesn’t just go away when an indoctrinated child grows up. Parental Alienation experts attest that most severely alienated kids do not reunite with the targeted parent.

how PA works Z

How can Parental Alienation be?  How can cults be?  How can domestic abuse with adults be?  Why do hostages become attached to their kidnappers?  How can kids join gangs?  How can kids kill themselves because of Facebook threats?  How can people accept that adult minds can be controlled by strangers & spouses, but not their own parent?  How does the DAs office lose evidence of a father’s underage porn reported by a forensic expert when such evidence is required by law to have a paper trail (at a minimum) simply because the assistant DA is connected to the father? How can anyone assert that a 14 year old girl can’t be manipulated by her father who was able to secure FIVE wives?  Dr. “S” made this assertion to me. Does this psychologist not know the term “enmeshment” and how it relates to Parental Alienation?

I know another alienated mom who worries about her suicidal 15 year old whose relationship with her mom was always interfered with by her controlling father who she has been placed with by a judge who has a restraining order on him — yes, a restraining order was taken out on this currently practicing judge.

Take me back, Lord.  Take me back to the time where I can fix this for my family!

I pray for miraculous healing.  Not the kind the psychiatrists who listen only to the alienating parent prescribe.  That’s not healing — medicating the child is suppressing the pain, the reality of Parental Alienation.  That’s helping the alienating parent hide his abuse.  And many, if not most, family courts do nothing.  Don’t leave it up to a system that enables or even rewards manipulation & abuse

All It Takes for Evil to Occur In Parental Alienation is For Good People to do Nothing

Can you help share the truth?  Some of you are — THANK YOU.  Can you reach out to those kids suffering by assuring them of their alienated parent’s love for them & worth?  Will you learn about signs & symptoms of what’s been called the “worst form of child abuse” (In addition, most parents who would cut his/her child off from a loving parent also abuse in other ways.) or are you going to turn a judging eye?

Remember:  We can never go back in time.


When one’s child is suffering from a physical sickness, others reach out.  When your child is suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome, not so much.

Friends, lawyers, judges, teachers, therapists: I beg you — for my family & all the other families suffering — please listen to all sides of the story without judging (because we can’t truly listen when we’ve made our mind up based on one person’s story & those he influences financially and/or psychologically).  We need our kids to know why they are hurting & confused & how targeted parents are prevented from helping. Read the reader comments on this blog.

What Friends Can Do to Help Families Targeted by An Alienating Parent

About Torn 2 Peaceshttp://Torn2Peaces.comMay youth & the world know truth -- a truth many moms & dads share: the desire that our child(ren) freely love & be in a healthy relationship with BOTH parents & grandparents.

One thought on “In My Dreams, I Can Go Back in Time!

  1. Good article I will include it in my weekly article that I write for an international news website. lets keep sharing and trying to make a difference. And remind those around us of a little common sense. Like what is wrong with this picture when one parent won’t allow a child to see the parent he/she loves? Why don’t more people want to see what is happening around them, it boggles my mind and I am in full combat mode.


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